A nonpartisan group of business, civic and community leaders came together to work with lawmakers to develop the Step Up Oklahoma plan. Step Up Oklahoma would stabilize state revenue, reform government to increase efficiency and cut abuse, and raise teacher pay by $5,000 a year.


The Step Up Oklahoma plan contains much needed government-reform measures to give lawmakers the tools they need to root out waste, allow for immediate budget stabilization and enact long-term budget reforms. The plan:


• Increase teacher salaries by $5,000 and increase principal pay.


Lower Supermajority Threshold - Lower the supermajority threshold required in the Legislature to pass revenue-enhancing measures to 60%. This restores flexibility that allows legislators to better govern complex revenue matters, while preserving a threshold higher than simple majority that protects taxpayer interests.
Budget Stabilization Fund - Establish a reliable annual funding mechanism to protect the budget in economic downturns.
Line-Item Budget - Require the passage of line-item budgets with effective legislative oversight.
Independent Budget Office - Creation of office specifically designed to root out waste, fraud and abuse across all government functions and identify synergies that can be gained throughout government.
Revenue Transparency - Revises the state budget to increase accuracy and transparency from all state agencies to better reflect all sources of revenue.
Revise Term Limits - Adjust term limits for state legislators to 16 cumulative years.
Increased Accountability for State Agencies/Streamline Agency Boards - Increase accountability to citizens by granting the Governor direct appointment power over the eight largest state agencies and dissolve those agency boards. Appointments include State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Labor Commissioner and Corporation Commissioners.
Governor and Lt. Governor Reform - Run the Governor and Lt. Governor on the same ticket to encourage collaboration.
Supreme Court Reform - Change the process by which Supreme Court vacancies are filled in order to attract the largest yet diverse pool of qualified candidates.
County Government - Grant voters at the county level the authority to tailor the form and makeup of their county government to meet their local needs.


Leaders developed a broad compromise plan which affects taxes on:
• Cigarettes, little cigars, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes
• The energy industry, including the gross production tax
• Motor fuels
• Wind-power generation
• Refundable income tax credits
• Gaming activities
• Personal income tax – Click here to view the proposed simplification of state income tax

Revenue Scenarios

Download Here.
Cigarette Tax - $243.9mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 31.2%
  Increased by $1.50 per pack
Little Cigars and Chewing Tobacco & E- Cigarettes - $12.9mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 1.7%
  Tax little cigars as cigarettes and levy additional 10% tax on chewing tobacco
Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax - $133.5mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 17.1%
  All wells currently at 2% will be increased to 4% and all future wells will begin at 4% for first 36 months and move to 7% after
Renewables Generation Tax - $23.0mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 3%
  $1 per MWh
Motor Fuel Tax - $170.4mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 21.8%
  Increase rate on diesel and gasoline by $0.06 per gallon
Transferable / Refundable Income Tax Credits - $22.0mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 2.8%
  Cap transferability / cash refundability for coal, wind, and railroad credits effective 2018 tax year
Gaming Modernization - $22.0mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 2.8%
  Indian casinos to use balls and dice in their craps and roulette games, which will increase the state's exclusivity fees
Simplification Individual Income Tax (on average): - $175.0mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 22.4%
  - People earning less than $12,000 would end up paying either the same or less than they are paying now each year
  - People earning $12,000 to $26,000 would end up paying $4 to $32 more
  - People earning $26,000 to $50,000 would end up paying $40 to $48 more
  - People earning $50,000 to $150,000 would end up paying $85 to $97 more
  - People earning $150,000 to $1 million would end up paying $135 to $1,049 more
  - People earning $1 million-plus would on average end up paying $2,398 more, the tables show

TOTAL NEW REVENUE - $780.7mm - Percentage of Total Revenue 100%
Current Budget Shortfall - ($100.0mm)
Teacher & Principal pay raise - ($285.0mm)
Revenue for Essential Services and Budget Stabilization - $395.7mm
  *Estimated that $18 M cap per tax year would have zero impact in FY18 and FY19 and $54.5M savings in FY 20.


Do you want lawmakers to step up and deliver real solutions to Oklahoma’s problems? Call your legislator today and demand that they Step Up. You can also join our movement. We’ll keep you updated about the latest Step Up Oklahoma news and activities. Please use the form below to Step Up. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates.

Who's Your Legislator?

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Phil Albert, President, Pelco Structural - Claremore
Bill Anoatubby, Governor, Chickasaw Nation - Ada
Calvin Anthony, Tiger Drug - Stillwater
Gary Batton, Chief, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma - Durant
Clay Bennett, Chairman, Dorchester Capital Corp. - Oklahoma City
John Berrey, Chairman, Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma - Quapaw
Robert Blair, CEO, Comanche Exploration - Oklahoma City
Dan Boren, President, Corporate Development Chickasaw Nation - Oklahoma City
John Bumgarner, Real Estate Developer, Bumgarner Asset Management LLC - Tulsa
Mike Burrage, Attorney, Whitten Burrage Law Firm - Antlers
Bill Cameron, Chairman & CEO, American Fidelity - Oklahoma City
Jill Castilla, President & CEO, Citizens Bank of Edmond - Edmond
Glenn Coffee, Attorney, Glenn Coffee & Associates - Oklahoma City
Sean Cummings, President, Cummings Oil Company - Oklahoma City
John Dill, ‎Vice President, Government & Regulatory Affairs, ‎Chesapeake Energy – Oklahoma City
Bob Drake, Owner, Drake Farms - Davis
Gentner Drummond, Lawyer, Drummond Law - Tulsa
Jeff Dunn, President & CEO, Mill Creek Lumber - Tulsa
John "Chip" Fudge, Chairman, Claims Management Resources - Oklahoma City
David Griffin, President & CEO, Griffin Communications - Tulsa & Oklahoma City
John Groendyke, CEO, Groendyke Transport - Enid
Gordy Guest, Senior Principal & President, Cyntergy AEC - Tulsa
Harold Hamm, Chairman & CEO, Continental Resources - Oklahoma City
Jimmy Harrel, Chairman & CEO, Bank of Western Oklahoma - Leedey
Judy Hatfield, Founding Principal, Equity Realty - Norman
Jay Helm, President & CEO, American Residential Group - Tulsa
Jake Henry Jr., President & CEO, Saint Francis Health System - Tulsa
Brad Henry, Former Governor of Oklahoma - Shawnee
Josh Herron, President, Landmark Bank - Ardmore
Rhonda Hooper, President & CEO, Jordan Advertising - Oklahoma City
Bob Howard, President, Mercedes-Benz Volvo of OKC - Oklahoma City
Cliff Hudson, CEO, Sonic - Oklahoma City
Blu Hulsey, Senior VP Government Relations, Continental Resources - Oklahoma City
Craig Jones, President, Oklahoma Hospital Association - Oklahoma City
John Kennedy, CEO, Kennedy Consulting Group - Oklahoma City
Ken Lackey, Chairman, Nordam - Tulsa
Bill Lance, Sec. of Commerce, Chickasaw Nation - Sulphur
Mike Lauderdale, Attorney & Managing Director, McAfee & Taft, Oklahoma City
Doug Lawler, President & CEO, Chesapeake Energy – Oklahoma City
Brett Lessley, President, Griffin Management - Tulsa
Tucker Link, Member, OSU/A&M Board of Regents - Finley
Greg Love, Co-CEO, Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores - Oklahoma City
Paula Marshall, CEO, Bama - Tulsa
Ed Martin, Chairman, Ackerman McQueen - Oklahoma City
Bill Masterson, President & Publisher, Tulsa World Media Company - Tulsa
Bill Mathis, Partner, Mathis Brothers - Oklahoma City
Tom McDaniel, President, American Fidelity Foundation - Oklahoma City
Randy Moore, Manager, King Energy, LLC, - Oklahoma City
Rick Mosier, President & General Counsel, Robson Properties - Tulsa
Mike Neal, President and CEO, Tulsa Regional Chamber - Tulsa
Larry Nichols, Chairman Emeritus, Devon Energy - Oklahoma City
David Nimmo, CEO of Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc., - Norman
Elizabeth Osburn, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Tulsa Regional Chamber - Tulsa
Jody Parker, CEO, Anchor Stone - Tulsa
Kevin Perry, President, Perry Broadcasting - Oklahoma City
Russell Perry, Chairman, Perry Broadcasting - Oklahoma City
Gary Pierson, President & CEO, Oklahoma Publishing Co. - Oklahoma City
Greg Price, President, United Petroleum Transports - Oklahoma City
Gary Poulos, Division President, Mill Creek Lumber & Supply - Tulsa
Dr. Stephen M. Prescott, President, OMRF - Oklahoma City
David Rainbolt, Executive Chairman, BancFirst - Oklahoma City
Roger Ramseyer, Vice President/Market Leader, Cox Communications - Tulsa
Jeff Records, Chairman & CEO, Midfirst Bank - Oklahoma City
Larry Rooney, President, Manhattan Construction Group - Tulsa
Frank Robson, Chairman, RCB Bank - Tulsa
Joe Robson, President, The Robson Companies - Tulsa
Bob Ross, CEO, Inasmuch Foundation – Oklahoma City
Michael Samis, Founder, Samis Family Investments - Oklahoma City
Natalie Shirley, President & CEO, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City
Hastings Siegfried, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Office of Asia Pacific, The NORDAM Group, Inc. - Tulsa
Lee Allen Smith, Chairman, Oklahoma Events - Oklahoma City
Robin Smith, CEO, WeGoLook - Oklahoma City
David Thompson, President & CEO, InvesTrust - Oklahoma City
Sean Trauschke, CEO, OG&E - Oklahoma City
Mike Turpen, Attorney, Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis - Oklahoma City
Ed Wells, Chairman, Wells Nelson & Associates - Tulsa and Oklahoma City
Jack White, Owner, Financial Equipment Company - Jenks
Clark Wiens, President, Cedar Creek Lumber - Tulsa
Roy Williams, President, Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce - Oklahoma City
Allen Wright, Devon Energy - Oklahoma City
Darton Zink, Owner, President & CEO, Zeeco, Inc. - Tulsa

It’s time to step up to repair, reform and restore Oklahoma.


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