The History Of Gambling In Oklahoma

Residents of Oklahoma started gambling as early as the mid-1800s in the  form of makeshift horse racing gambling infrastructures, most of them located in Indian territories in Oklahoma. At that time, rivalry in Texas and their southern neighbors were rampant and operation of gambling facilities were still legal.

The gambling, especially poker, continued being rampant in Oklahoma in the late 19th centure up to the 20th. It wasn’t’ then that Oklahoma started encountering some cases of illicit gambling activities, which occurred in the 1920s. That’s when regulations on gambling were put into place and by the middle of the 20th century, gambling venues are no longer to be found, at least when it comes to the legal ones.

It was 1982 when the state of Oklahoma started taking baby steps into legalizing gambling again as they made it possible for real cash betting on horse races. Now, the state of Oklahoma prides itself with three racinos and the famous Fair Meadows Race Track.

Then in the early 1990s’, Oklahoma took another step as the poker betting and gambling industry bloomed. It was that time when Indian companies started opening casinos that offer real money betting, which was something that became an opportunity for other factions. The first type of facility that dominate Oklahoma are bingo halls, although others offer table games as well as poker.

One large organization that specializes in poker is The WinStar World casino, boasting 46-table poker room as well as poker tournaments. This became a trend for Oklahoma gamblers as they were given the opportunity to choose from 60-table real cash poker rooms to gamble on.

Next to poker were charitable gambling and lottery, which became rampant to other states as well and made it possible for it to evolve into multistate lottery. This made Oklahoma a place for gambling tourists from all around the world. This made it possible for the state of Oklahoma to increase their gambling revenues.

Online Gambling Regulations

The major forms of gambling and betting are legal in Oklahoma, except from commercial casinos and real money poker rooms. However, it is said that there’s no need to gamble in these places anymore due to the fact that online gambling is thing now.

But that might not be the case as it is still illegal in Oklahoma to build an online gambling organization inside the state. While predictions say that this would change soon, it might take a while before online gambling facilities are legalized in Oklahoma.