Timeline of Online Gambling Legislation in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for being one of the nation’s states with most gambling regulations. In fact, as early as 1890, the state of Oklahoma upheld many gambling rules until it was barely legal. This lasted for decades until the 1980s when a significant legislation was put into place.

Nowadays, you’ll find more than 100 casinos spread around tribal lands as well as and lots of gambling facilities. Land-based poker rooms are rampant around the state and tournament and several events are now commonplace. Sports betting is legit regardless of whether it involves horse racing or NFL, NBA, and more. Bingo and lottery are also now legal, especially inter-state games.

Despite that, online gaming in Oklahoma can’t be more illegal as it is a very serious matter for lawmakers. However, just as how gambling in land-based casino and poker rooms were frowned upon during the 1890s, this may signify that online gambling may take its place in the state of Oklahoma.

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Here’s a complete timeline on the significant changes in the legislations of Oklahoma regarding gambling.

Timeline of Gambling Legislation in Oklahoma

Early 1800s

It was then that  gambling was first introduced by settlers in Oklahoma. Although being barely regulated, there were western poker games were rampant and thus, gunfights were commonplace.


Native tribes were forced to relocate to Oklahoma from their home in the east. This was a significant event as it made possible for gambling to be what it is now.


Oklahoma bans any and all forms of gambling due to the violence it brought to the state.


The first ever form of gambling to be legalized by the state of Oklahoma was horse racing. It was then approved by the majority of Oklahoma’s 15 counties and thus, off-site betting as well as gaming machines for Oklahoma’s three major race tracks were approved.


The first high-stakes bingo game was hosted by Choctaw which cleared the path for bingo games.


Oklahoma tribes signed a compact that allowed the introduction for games such as lottery and bingo, as well as electronic machines. This also included pari-mutuel horse racing associated with computer games.


It was then that The Charitable Games Act was put into place in Oklahoma, allowing for pull-tab games, bingo, and other raffles to be conducted as long as it is hosted by Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission (ABLE).


After the compact signing to enable class 2 gaming such as bingo and lottery, state officials decided that it is time to upgrade it into class 3 gaming, making way for tribal casinos.


The legislation made in 2003 as well as the referendum in 2004 made way for lottery to begin in the state of Oklahoma. This in turn grew until it took the form of inter-state games.


Tribes had decided to operate an online gambling facility inside Oklahoma, but was denied permission.


Oklahoma is not as open to sports betting as it is to casino gaming, and this might continue being so for the next few years.

The fact that Oklahoma slowly accepted land-based gambling facilities to open in the state is one reason to believe that it would do the same with online gambling, especially considering that nations should adapt to technology as much as possible as it brings countless benefits.

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